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Economics: 2(A-B)
Instructor: Coyle, Karen Lee   
week of February 29
Mon -Thur - complete in class lecture/discussion. written work/informal assessments (3.1 GR, 3.2 questions, in groups)
Friday - No School

Week of March 7

Mon - complete ch 3 discussion/ HW end of chapter assessment
Tue - Chapter 3 test
Wed - early release - ch 4 terms/outline ( due on Thursday)
Thur - began class discussion/lecture on Demand
Friday - complete section 1 "what is demand"

Week of March 14

Mon - 4.2, factors changing demand, lecture/discussion
Tue - 4.2 Cont.
Wed - 4.2 questions/ groups
Thur - 4.3 Demand elasticity, lecture/discussion
Friday - No School

Week of March 21
Mon - complete elasticity
Tue - chapter review
Wed - chapter 4 test
Thur - outline/define terms chapter 5
Friday - begin chapter 5 discussion

Week of March 28

Mon - 5.1 discussion/lecture (what is Supply/ factors changing supply)
Tue - 5.2, Tle law of Variable production/ the production Function
Wed - 5.2 - cont
Thur - 5.3 Apply the principals of Supply/ chapter review
Friday - chapter 5 test
chapter 3
we will begin ch 3 on February 17. Outlines/ terms will be due February 21.
chapter 2
chapter 2 terms/outline due Friday, February 5.
Week of Feb 8 - we will be discussing chapter 2, Economic Systems, and Economic Goals. Including lecture, class discussion and various assessments.
Final chapter 2 test will be February 17
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